d20 Dark Ages is dedicated to the gaming hobby, specifically tabletop roleplaying (especially older editions of Dungeons & Dragons), wargaming, and all the cool stuff from history and fiction that inspires it. Its main focus, however, is on AD&D Second Edition.

It's called "d20 Dark Ages" because I grew up having missed out on the "first waves" the D&D hobby that folks like my older brother participated in during the 1980s.  I cut my teeth gaming during a time when it seemed like many gamers were leaving D&D all together, to pursue other gaming systems. D&D itself was being mismanaged by a company that eventually when bankrupt. When Wizards of the Coast came along to "save" D&D, many applauded the changes and it brought about another boom in people playing D&D. d20 Dark Ages is part of the Old School Renaissance. 

Yet the years between 1989 and 2000 are often passed over when people debate about the history of Dungeons & Dragons. During an Edition War, you often don't hear about AD&D Second Edition. It often just gets dismissed as an odd-ball edition that pretty much sunk "T$R." Somehow, it just can't compete with the nostalgia factor of AD&D or BECMI, nor can it compete with the supposedly "more intuitive" mechanics of 3rd Edition and later systems.

AD&D Second Edition deserves another look, to be seen as gaming system unto itself, without being compared to what came before and what came after.  There are quite a few diamonds waiting to be rediscovered. Because, somehow, despite many of its supposed flaws, AD&D Second Edition somehow worked.

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