A List of 2e Blogs

A list of 2e related blogs and blog posts from around the Internet. Single posts are in quotations.

A blog that sadly has been dark since January 2012, but still has a number of usable links.

A Life Full of Adventure
A link to the blog's posts on 2e. Variant rules, spells, and magic items. The blog also covers WFRP.

The Bedrock Blog - "A Brief Defense of 2nd Edition AD&D"
A Ravenloft fan defends 2e for its campaign setting material, among other things.

Daddy Rolled a 1 - "Fun With Any Edition: AD&D 2nd Edition"
An author's musing on how he somehow skipped over 2e. 

Don't Split the Party (Harbinger Games)
Rules for "Inverted" Skills and Powers. A 2e campaign log.

Rules the author ignored from the "Red-headed stepchild of D&D."

The Sandpoint Campaign (Dark Since July, 2010)
Pathfinder's Rise of the Runelords adventure path converted to 2e.

Was AD&D 2e "never ambitious" and "without direction?" 

House Rules and Modifications--and even some adventures--for AD&D 2e.

Thac0 Forever!
Thoughts on class revisions, house rules, world building, and with campaign journals available for download.

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  1. On Purple Worm, I found this 2e dedicated blog.


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